The Pneuma Night, 31st Dec.

The ‘Pneuma Night’ is finally here; with power, prophecy, and the Word ushering us into 2018 with the Major Prophet, the Chariot of Uganda, Prophet Brian Kagyezi on 31st December 2017.
With our year having begun on the 14th of December 2017, God has been extravagantly faithful, hunting us down with blessings beyond measure, from every corner and on every side and has been lifting us from one level to another.
Our year was kick-started by the visit from the Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (a.k.a Major One), anointing and establishing our father, Prophet Brian Kagyezi for ministry. It was a spectacle unbelievable as we all witnessed Prophet Brian Kagyezi, knees to the ground and hands lifted, as the great and renown Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri uttered heartfelt words commissioning his son;
Today the Lord has established you. Now I take this oil and put it on your hands, let the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you; From today, Go and take over.
It is upon receiving such unction that Prophet Brian Kagyezi declared the remaining days of the year going to be greater and bigger than the former. From that day onwards, there has not been any looking back and the ministry has been overwhelmingly blessed, with testimonies flowing in on a daily.

The visit from Major One did not only unleash the prophetic ministry of the Chariot but also opened wide the financial floodgates and many testify to this.
My family has gotten favours. For example, my in-law just got a job offer of over 8000 dollars with a house, driver and insurance cover as benefits. Plus, every bill is going to be paid for, so he never has to use his money to pay for anything and the best part is that it’s a permanent job!” – exclaimed Brenda.
My name is Jane and I have a Great Testimony. On the day Major One, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was coming to Pneuma Word church in Kyanja, I talked to the Chariot- Prophet Brian Kagyezi and was telling him about how I had little money but really wanted to start up a business. He told me that in his family, they have faith and they don’t start up small things! He then instructed me to have faith and talk to my husband; which I did. Under my Prophet’s instruction, It worked!! My husband was positively responsive and he told me that he is going to be sending me $200 every week until I feel ready to start a business. I am so happy and so grateful to God.

People with fibroids, chicken pox and all sorts of body pains have also testified to how the God of Prophet Brian could not let them finish the year suffering, and how He honored His servant’s word; and healed them.

Many lives have come to Christ in this short time, and we have seen God do extraordinary things. During the Word Convention International Conference (WCIC), that happened on 20th – 24th December 2017, the Prophet of God declared 2018 a year of speed and emphasized how it is not about crossing over from the year 2017 to 2018 but about who you cross over with.

Come to Pneuma Word Church, Kyanja on 31st December 2017 and receive a stamp for your New Year and be rest-assured that everything is going to work as God shall reveal. As a prophetic instruction, come with your year plan ready to receive your affirmation for the New Year 2018.

Planning stops in 2017. 2018 is not for planning; It’s for taking over“, said The Chariot of Uganda.
Come ready for your miracle. Gates open by 6PM.


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