Major 1 Visits Pneuma

On Thursday 14th December 2017 ,Pneuma Word Ministries was graced with a visit from the greatest prophet of our time, Major 1 -Prophet Shepherd Bushiri founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering, Pretoria. It was the first of its kind. Scores of believers gathered at the Pneuma grounds as they awaited the historical visit. By the time the Prophet of God checked in, the audience was already fired up with expectation and were placing their demands on the God of Major 1 to meet them at their every need.


Major 1 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophet Brian Kagyezi

The sick/afflicted and those without jobs all gathered at Pneuma Grounds to interface with the God of Major 1.
Shouts and ululation filled the air as the mighty prophet gained entree through the highly expectant multitudes.


Expectant Believers

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri in his opening remarks stated that he was so privileged to stand at the grounds for his first time. He also went on to speak of the Chariot, Prophet Brian Kagyezi, in his words he said; 
“I have heard many people who tell me you’ve got a son in Uganda who loves you like no man’s business. He is not a spiritual son just by names or words but by actions.”
Major one prophet Shepherd Bushiri then went on to affirm that Prophet Brian Kagyezi had a father, Major one whose father is Prophet Uebert Angel whose father is Victor Boateng whose father is ArchBishop Duncan Williams whose father is William Branham whose father is Apostle John Dowee. 
The Prophet made it clear that his visit was for his son and that he wanted to pray for him and anoint him then release a blessing on the ministry. 
He released a financial grace for the ministry and that God would raise Kingdom financers. He then proceeded to anoint his son and
In his word he said; 


“The Grace anointing upon you is what is going to make this ministry the biggest. You have seen him ministering, prophesying and doing miracles but you have not seen him after I anoint him.
Your voice will be heard in all the world, Grace will be with you. God will bless anyone that will bless you and curse anyone that will curse you. He shall increase anyone that shall increase you and rebuke anyone that will stand in your way. Today the Lord establish you. I take this oil, may the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. The Grace that shall flow in this ministry through your life. I anoint you in Jesus name. I anoint your feet, under your feet, I anoint your ears, I anoint your eyes. From today God take over, I set you a part in the name of Jesus. Not only will you be a man of God but a man of God with a difference. Not only a man of God with a difference but also God establish you in finances, in business you will be a billionaire. God will make every word from you come to pass, you will be a prophetic champion, your prophecy will carry a laser to cut and penetrate to every person’s soul and bring to accomplishment what you have spoken. Today I bless you, I lay my hand upon you, in the name of Jesus. Heavenly father increase him, prosper him, fight for him in Jesus name. Amen”


After anointing him the Prophet Prayed a blessing upon everyone that had attended that day and upon the ministry. 
It was indeed a historical event for Pneuma Word Ministries and the body of Christ as a whole. We are grateful for such a timely visit by the Man Of God that surely ushered the ministry into a greater height of Glory. 
God Bless you

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