Last Friday 1st December 2017 saw the unfolding of the first Prophetic healing service at our weekly Pneuma Fellowship.
It was a power packed night of miracles, signs and wonders.
As the night began, The Chariot of Uganda ,Prophet Brian Kagyezi declared that; 
“If you have a situation, it is not going to escape tonight. There is healing for everyone not only those physically sick”


Son of Major1 The Chariot Prophet Brian Kagyezi

The congregants held to this word with expectation and has always been the word of the Prophet never falls to the ground. 
We were graced by a mighty man of God, the son of the Major One, Bishop Mugisha Mondo. 
Bishop Mondo in a profound sharing told the congregants that 
“Until you get tired there are things your not going to move out of”
He released words of prophecy upon individuals with dates and names on how far God was taking them. He further admonished the brethren to be awake in order to receive from the man of God and went ahead to release a blessing on the congregants to go into the world and reign as the victors they were called to be


Bishop Mondo and The Chariot

There after, the Chariot of Uganda Son of Major One,  Prophet Brian Kagyezi, in the same Spirit took the congregants through another life changing session. The Prophet expounded on the Spirit the quickens “Zoopoeio” and vitalizes our lives.
In his words;

“The word of God places you in a place where you are quickened. As you listen to the word it propels you out of poverty, it drives you out of fear. Because this word being Spirit causes a man’s life to light up.”

Kampala Parents school grounds was saturated with a thick presence of God as two sons of Major1 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri manifested God as the healer that seeks to meet every man at his need.
We saw the sick healed, tuberculosis leave individuals, spiritual blood transfusion, situations sorted, families that were stuck released, people released in a financial grace to stand with the Gospel and surely no lives remained the same.
Surely the God of the Chariot is an awesome God and a Miracle Worker.


This Friday 8th December can only be more glorious. Are you sick or do you know anyone that needs healing? make it a point to be at Kampala Parents School at 5:30pm for Prophetic Healing 2 at Pneuma Fellowship. 
See you then


©Pneuma Word Publications 2017



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