Prophecy on Zimbabwe

At Pneuma Word Ministries we believe in a God that speaks to his people. A God that reveals in order that he may redeem. We have seen God save lives, mend families, and save nations with the word of prophecy.


Prophet Brian Kagyezi

In May 2016 the word of God concerning Zimbabwe was spoken forth by the Chariot of Uganda Prophet Brian Kagyezi during our Weekly Pneuma Fellowship that was at Nob View Hotel Ntinda at that time.
In his words the Chariot said; 

There is something  very significant God is beginning to do. And all these things God is telling me is for many of you to believe. Your going to soon hear presidency changing. This man here has been on for long. Many things have been said but your going to hear, it’s going to be very serious. We must pray for that nation so that a lot of lives may not be lost. It’s going to be very abrupt and sudden. We need to pray for the people. 
The Lord has given a Spirit in one of the pastors to begin to try to do some things and oppose the government.

Again on the 1st January 2017, at Pneuma Night at Kampala Parents school Naguru as we crossed over into the New year,  the Chariot reemphasized the need to pray for the people of Zimbabwe. In his words; 

We need to pray because there will be a lot of changes. I have said this before and I will say it again, Do not forget Zimbabwe  Remember to pray for them. These things I say that they may be signs for you to see and understand what God is going to do.


President Robert Mugabe

As was prophesied, on the evening of 14 November 2017 Zimbabwe experienced an abrupt and yet peaceful coup that caught the world by surprise. Elements of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) gathered around Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, and seized control of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation and other areas of the city. This Coup saw Robert Mugabe who had led the country for thirty seven years peacefully resign. 
Following the peaceful coup, on 24th November 2017 H.E Emmerson Mnangagwa was sworn in as the president of Zimbabwe.

All this is in line with the word of the Prophet, he had stated that the presidency was going to change, it would be abrupt and had asked the congregants to pray that lives may not be lost.
The Prophet also mentioned a pastor that was going to advocate for change of government in Zimbabwe. In line with this are the efforts of Pastor Evan Mawarire who had been advocating and calling upon the people of Zimbabwe to seek for change for the better. Through social media, he sent forth the message of change and was later hosted on CNN to share his story.


Pastor Evan Mawarire

As has always been, the word of the Prophet does not fall to the ground. We thank God for the lives that were preserved by this  prophecy and the prayer of his people.
Glory to God.

To watch the video format of this prophecy please follow the link below

©Pneuma Word Publications 2017


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