TESTIMONY; #YourTime to Let go

Praise God beloved. As we prepare our hearts and expectations for the great things God is going to do in our lives tomorrow as we launch Pneuma Fellowship at Kampala Parents School Naguru (5:30pm). We felt the need to share with you beloved the glorious things God has already done in our midst and in the lives of many during this season.


The Prophet of God Prophet Brian Kagyezi told us earlier last month that this was a season where impossibilities became possible and that everyone should seize this time.
And because the word of the Prophet doesn’t fall to the ground many have received there expectation and God is still doing great things.
Here is a wonderful testimony in light with the season.


My name is Jackie. I have been hurting for nine years now. Nine years ago my aunt killed my mum in a scramble to take over property. I was much younger then and since then I have hated by aunt. I hated her so much that I prayed with all my might that evil would befall her. I even tried to get some people to kill her sometime but something wouldn’t let me. For the past nine years I carried this pain and bitterness within. As time sent on I grew more and more bitter.
I then came across something by the man of God prophet Brian Kagyezi. He said that it was time to reconcile with everyone that had either hurt us or that we had hurt. He added that God was beginning to do something great but we needed to reconcile with everyone.
There and then I felt God poke me right within. This was beyond me. I knee I couldn’t do it. I then began to pray. As I prayed it was like love was being poured into me. I felt a lightness, a burden lift off me. I felt love for my aunt and her children that I couldn’t explain. I let go of so much hatred that had caused me to be bitter. God changed my attitude, he taught me to love. This for me was a lesson of love in an impossible moment. To love even those who we think are unworthy of love because God has already loved me so much when I didn’t deserve it.
I am so grateful for prophet Brian Kagyezi and Pneuma Word Ministries. Surely God ordained this time for me to Let go and let him take the wheel.
God bless you


Tomorrow at Kampala Parents School we will be relaunching the Glorious Pneuma Fellowship in power. Dare to attend beloved and also invite someone else to come and partake of the blessing. We beseech you to come with an expectation because we know our God does mighty things.
See you then
You are loved

© Pneuma Word Publication 2017


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