From the beginning,
He bent, winters, summers, autumns, springs,
He stored up seasons in the celestials,
He drew out actions for every foetus,
Before men, he drew times.

The romans saw the mystery of the cycles of seasons
Their blasphemy,
Handing down Godly works to the idols,
The magi could not tell,
The wisdom and understanding Alpha had for his children.

The ecclesiastical philosopher,
Solomon pondered,
The passionate intimacy
Between, the times , seasons and purposes of creation,
Wrote down the wonder.

See the beasts of the land and sea fathom,
The creepers fathom,
No waste,
They gather for the winters,
Travail in the summers.

Open thy eyes,
Open thy souls windows,
Let not you miss the second nor the mimp.
Cry for the spirit of understanding,
That the angel of purpose pass you not by.

Lift up your eyes ,
When the ancient times be redeemed,
Waste not it in murmurs and grambles,
Be not the Israelite,
So blind to the wonders of 40years

Today is the day
Rebel not,
Grab your destiny today,
Arise today,
Take his rest today.

It is the time,
The day,
God has made it,
Be glad , rejoice,
Produce and fill the earth.

The time to cast away,
The mocking Sanballat.
The wicked Ahithophel,
The seductive Delilah,
Cast away

It is the time,
Sow in the morning, noon and eventides,
In season, you shall reap
Be grateful,
Waste no time.

When Time is nigh,
And Omega sits on his throne,
Your knees tremble,
Your ears are deaf,
Your hair snowy,

When the time is nigh,
When the master returns from his journey of mercy,
That we should have used our talent of time,
Not be cast in the dark.
Know now .
Its your time

–Liz Kakembo

On 3rd November at Kampala Parents School is going to be  the relaunch of Pneuma Fellowship in an even greater glory. 
Tell a friend, bless someone. You cannot afford to let anyone miss out

©PneumaPublications 2017


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