You hear the sound
Sarcastic laughs bound in mutual hatred
A sound so sharp
So sadistic
Almost inhumane
Too loud that it cuts through your mind
Too painful that it cuts through your heart

You are assured that you don’t deserve it
Convinced that it is unfair
How can the whole world gang up?
Unanimously agreeing to abhor you
A thought so scary
A feeling so cold
“What did I do?”, you ask.

You take a quick look around
Maybe your eyes may see a treasure
Maybe your ears may hear love
You look around yet again
But all you see is darkness
And regular colors of hate
Colors of failure, regret and pain

Who knew life could be this tough?
Maybe you knew,
Maybe you didn’t
But you are definitely fed up
Done with being synonymous with sorrow
Done with letting them win
And surely done with the pity-party

Like a phoenix from the ashes, you rise
Holding on to the One, you rise
With nothing but a promise, you rise
Considering all else noise, you rise
Focusing on your crown, you rise
Determined to conquer, you rise
Because just as you were about to die,

A thought settled in your heart … it is #YourTime
And with all you had, you chose to believe.

–Pastor Joanita Genevive

On 3rd November at Kampala Parents School is going to be  the relaunch of Pneuma Fellowship in an even greater glory.
Tell a friend, bless someone. You cannot afford to let anyone miss out

©PneumaPublications 2017


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