Pneuma Fellowship Relaunch #YourTime #3rdNov

If you have known the Chariot of Uganda Prophet Brian Kagyezi, one thing is certain – his word never falls to the ground. Therefore whenever the Prophet sends forth a word for a theme we begin to make room for the blessing because the God of the Chariot answers.
The theme #YourTime comes as a prophetic declaration at a time when Pneuma Fellowship is to be relaunched (3rd November). It is derived from the Scripture;


1Chronicles 12:32 of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their command; 

This theme is not tied down to specific time frame but it is a seasonal theme. The Prophet is urging us to embrace what God has in store for us in this time. We have stepped into the season of endless possibilities, an open heaven that we all need to enjoy.
The prophet has taught us to know that whenever your season comes it’s crucial to seek understanding on why you are in it. Child of God there is a freshness,  open gates,  we are in a preparation place where we have to understand and prepare our hearts to receive because the time is timely only when you understand and walk in it.
There is a newness, new season,  new beginnings,  a shift for greater. Even if you have done something for so long and it appeared not to work out there is a grace for restoration child of God and and as much as one is open is as much as they shall partake.


Your Time to shine

Further more, the scriptures in Ecclesiastes 3 tell us that to everything under the heaven, there is a season and a time.
A time to be taught, and a time to teach, a time to listen and a time to speak, a time to wait for 3rd November when PNEUMA fellowship will be relaunched and a time to attend when the day comes.
Relaunching Pneuma fellowship at such a time has stirred a great expectation in our hearts. We have already witnessed the good things God has done in this season and yet we are prepared to even see greater. This is a time to do anything you do Big, choose to enlarge your tents, choose to expect great things, or choose to start something but don’t allow to remain the same in this season.
In fact Prophet Brian Kagyezi has taught before that “The first step to greatness is deciding you are not going to stay where you are. “


Pneuma Fellowship to be Relaunched

Come 3rd November at Kampala Parents School Naguru we are launching Pneuma Fellowship in Power. It’s time for you, your friends, your family and everyone to shine. Bless them by inviting them.

We love you
©PneumaPublications 2017


9 thoughts on “Pneuma Fellowship Relaunch #YourTime #3rdNov

  1. its my time to shine, our time to shine, there time to shine. my family, friends, landlord, in laws and out laws bona, tusonge.

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  2. Glory to God, my highlight “there’s a time to wait on PNEUMA fellowship and a time to attend when the day comes”

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