“The biggest challenge in Christian circles is not that God isn’t there. It’s because many Christians can’t do anything as pertains to where they are going. That’s why we speak in men’s lives to tell them where they ought to go. When God is speaking to us, He is only concerned with one thing: where you are going”.
   _Prophet Brian Kagyezi_


A gentleman testifies to God for having found purpose in life because of the word that was spoken to him during the Pneuma Fellowship on 9th September 2016 by Prophet Brian Kagyezi.
Anecho Victor, whom the prophet located by his name, ‘Victor’, glorifies God and is grateful because from the time he met the Chariot, his life totally changed.

From the bottom of my heart, I honor the most wonderful gift, Prophet Brian Kagyezi, the mighty Chariot of Uganda for who he is to our country. I am humbled to have him as my father and I don’t take it for granted because in just a year, he has shaped my entire life“, he says.


Last year during the Joint Kikoni Fellowship on Tuesday, 6th September 2016, as the prophet expounded on a sermon “when you grow up,” he began to prophetically locate people by their names.
He then continued to prophesy that ;
God was beginning to raise ministers from that place who were authentic in the Word and mature enough to know their place in their father’s house. The prophet then called him out; “Someone here is called Victor with a sister called Asha. His first name begins with ‘A. “

Victor Anecho shared with us that he had even not attended on that day.
Still again on Friday 9th September 2016 at the Pneuma Fellowship, Prophet Brian still located him from  the congregation by his name;
There’s a man I spoke about on Tuesday. I said the name Victor.” And as Victor came to the front, the prophet began declaring;
I see a great anointing upon your life.” And he started giving details about the man’s life, “I see your other sister, her name is Asha. And your other name begins with an ‘A’. And why I speak about you is, you are as old as this government is (1986)”, to which the man confirmed all true. And the man of God declared a blessing upon his life saying, “God will use you


As this He narrates his experience with the prophetic , he speaks on this wise,
“I remember that was the third of the prophecies I had in the year from him and it was so mind blowing because I had never in my life encountered such an experience with God but yet, it made me love the prophetic because I really came to understand that this thing is so real and that God speaks, He literally knows every detail of my life and our lives.
I didn’t know where and how to start after the prophecy so I inquired more understanding from the man of God about what he meant by God using me and he told me that God was going to use me in the media.
He then asked a question that I vividly recall,
if I know where you are coming from, don’t you think I know where you are going?” Those words never left me the same.
Three months later I returned to meet the prophet and I was entrusted to serve as the head of public relations and marketing in the ministry. In the beginning, I didn’t know how to use my skills as a journalist to serve God but when I was given the opportunity to be the Head of public relations for the ministry, everything began to find its place. Pneuma is that place where you find love and it defines so much of your ministry and that’s how I am getting to learn my ministry on a daily.


I am so grateful to my father for giving me this awesome opportunity to serve in Pneuma Word and also serve him because this is the moment in my life that I feel purpose being fulfilled in service and I am not struggling to serve or struggling in my personal life. I feel at peace, happy and everything moves so smoothly because it I feel I am in the right place, doing the right thing and in the right times and seasons. That’s how I have felt since February 2017 up to date. I believe the best days of my life in ministry are still ahead of me.
I thank God for Pneuma Fellowship because it’s from it that my life was born afresh into ministry and service and I really want to bless God for my father, the Prophet, the only chariot of Uganda, Prophet Brian Kagyezi for being my everything.”

As heaven and earth rejoices, mark your calendar for the reopening of this great fellowship on 3rd November at Kampala Parents School. It is your time to reign, find purpose and destiny, and to find your place in God. Be blessed.
3rd November

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God bless you
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