The Corporate Launch of ‘YourTime’

Glamour, Class, Fashion, Elegance, and a red carpet entrance is what defined the evening of the Corporate Service at Pneuma Word Ministries in Kyanja on the 24th of September 2017. With all dressed in all forms of smartness and elegance, everyone’s face was very radiant with the anticipation so high in the atmosphere, as each came with an expectation of interfacing with wisdom from the Chariot of Uganda in line with creating wealth and sustaining it, as well as receiving a prophetic word in the same.
corporate paparazi

Not so long after the arrival of the people, the atmosphere did change from the so called ‘Paparazzi mode’ to ‘Worship mode’ as the Perfected worship team ushered in the authentic presence of God. A week prior to the event, all had been requested to pick and fill in their prayer requests on the prayer cards provided. Astonishingly by the event date some had already received answers to their requests and testified. One lady in particular testified of how a long-lost husband who had traveled overseas without bidding farewell to the family got to call her on an unknown number and promised to start sending support to the family. She was so amazed as this was in response to her prayer request.

corporate testimony

Finally the long awaited hour of the evening was at hand and the Chariot of Uganda, Prophet Brian Kagyezi took to the stage. He bagan by explaining how God cannot be put out of the equation of wealth creation and sustainability if a man is to enjoy his wealth. He shared insight on some of the practices men have adopted that have been a limitation to the expansion of their wealth. Wisdom was also shared by the Prophet on how to generate wealth and to prosper as well and men were enlightened about the truth of how Jesus delights in a church that is Glorious and prosperous. The night was crowned by accurate to-the-dot Prophecies therein establishing and realigning men’s destinies and the Prophet laid hands on everyone as each submitted their prayer cards.

The corporate service was set in motion as the Prophet heeded to instruction to share insight on enriching the saints financially and also praying for them to prosper and it was organised to equip men in the same and to as well give people a foretaste of what to expect at the re-launch of the Pneuma Fellowship at Kampala Parents School on 3rd November 2017 themed “Your Time”. The Prophet of God is persuaded this is the time for Ugandans to prosper and his desire is that all men can discern and understand the times and walk therein.

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