Testimony from Cell.


My name is Chris. I joined Pneuma Word Ministries last year (2016), and I have been growing spiritually from the time I joined. As I kept attending church services, I heard about this thing called Cell. And so I decided to be involved in cell ministry, and I joined the Cell in Mulago (led by Wabwire Simon).
From the time I joined, I have been seriously growing and Cell has taken me to the level I can’t even explain.
I remember one day when I was at school and I had to minister in cell the same day; and then I got a stomach ache that could not allow me support myself and stand upright. When I told my teachers at school, they planned to take me to the hospital, and yet I had to minister in cell. At that point I was resting my head on a desk and couldn’t even sit upright. Then suddenly, I heard a voice reminding me that I had to be in cell that day. When I thought about it, I instantly got healed and all the pain went, and I stood upright (to the surprise of my fellow students). The students that were around thought that I had stood up to go to the hospital, but I told them I was healed. They couldn’t believe it. The ones that saw what had happened came with me for cell to also hear what we always talk about. And it was good that the report they have always given about our cell meetings is a very good one. Even the Chairman LCI of our village testifies that we are not like other people who end up in arguments, but we share in an orderly way that blesses people. All this is because we share what we are taught at church, and we never see arguments coming.


Because of cell, I have grown to the level where I can prophesy and speak in people’s lives and it comes to pass. I recall one day as we were sharing in Cell, I had come with a friend of mine. When I started sharing, I prophesied about his father’s work, his sister’s accident which had caused her a fracture, and he was amazingly confirming that all the details were true. And then I also prophesied about his father’s breakthrough, and it also came to pass. I am really growing because of cell.
Because of these experiences, I have been often asked by my friends at school, “where do you pray from?” and they have always longed to come and be joined to the ministry. One of them who was a Moslem, was touched and gave his life to Christ. This surprised many students at school because this was the same person who would miss meals just to be in the mosque. When he got saved, it amazed many people.
At school, students know us as people who pray for the sick and get healed. Before taking someone to the sickbay, they first call me to pray for them. I remember one of them who was critically ill; and when I was called, I just worshipped and then touched him. When I opened my eyes, the fever had gone down and he had been healed. The nurse couldn’t believe it and she started alluding that maybe it was some kind of biological mechanism (maybe he had just been shocked in his body and he came back to normal), but the more she refused is the more it became clear to her.


I want to bless the God of Prophet Brian Kagyezi, and the God of Pneuma Word Ministries. He is a big God.
_Pathena Chris Wanyama_

You can also share your testimony with us by emailing pneumawordministries@gmail.com.


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