Testimony behind “Now I Reign” song by Nobert K


“One is not mighty because they won- even before they went to battle they were mighty “
~Prophet Brian Kagyezi

At Pneuma Word ministries we believe in this greatness that rests in each child of God. In fact this is what compelled us to catch up with one of our own,Nobert K- an upcoming musical prowess and he shared with us a testimony of how the goodness of God has made him the man he is today.
Here goes……..

My name is Nobert. I trace back my roots to a Christian family background. I was always around church circles until I decided it was high time to personally let in My saviour Christ Jesus into my life and this happened in my senior two (June 2006). Because of the love I always had for worship and music and the fervency exhibited,  it was on such grounds that I often found myself taking on various leadership positions in fellowships and churches I went to.

However in me was a great conviction that there was something greater to my life than I was actually walking in at the moment. I later found out that I was a teacher of the word and started walking therein but still my path was not yet clear with many questions than answers about my ministry.

It was not long till I met the Great man of God,  the Chariot of Uganda , Prophet Brian Kagyezi (April 2014) around the evening of my university education. In my very first week of meeting him, my dream to write my own music came to life and this was aided by the fact that there and then I began to see in the Spirit. From downloading songs,  to getting psalms and poems and before I knew it teachings from the Spirit of God himself. This took my teaching ministry to a whole new level.

From sitting at his feet,  his humility has slowly rubbed itself on me, and I have been able to learn a lot and be a blessing therein to those I meet because he’s been the perfect father figure head in my life.

I recently released my first song Now I reign on June 26th 2017 and I believe it’s just the beginning of the great things I am yet to do under the counsel of my Father the Prophet. If 3 years back you told me that  I would be releasing music,  I would just have laughed at you and let you be.  But having a father that dreams big and carries such an excellent spirit leaves you at a place of not compromising for any less and it is not so long before the spirit of greatness in him starts beckoning in you.  I believe am just one of the great Army the mighty prophet is raising to shake this generation and it’s the greatest honor I have had my entire life.

Backtracking to April 2014 when I joined Pneuma Word Ministeries,  I acknowledge that it’s one of the best things that happened to me and I will forever be grateful that I yielded to the Spirit’s conviction and decided to sit at the feet of the prophet and learn and am persuaded I can only grow bigger and better as my path shines brighter and brighter each passing day. God bless you.

Nobert Alinda Kagyezi 
(Nobert. K)


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