Testimony – “Forever Changed”


My name is Priscilla. I joined Pnuema Word Ministries on the 31st Dec 2015. It was an overnight that ushered us into the year 2016.
I had been invited by a friend that doubles as my prayer partner after finding out that I had nothing to do for the night. I was excited to hear about it because she used to tell me of this man of God that I needed to meet , so I was excited to have a chance to.

At that time, I had no church to go to for about one and a half years but I was just fellowshipping with different ministries.
I must say that by the time I joined Pnuema, everything was a mess: my family wasn’t doing good, I was struggling about many things in my life, I was dicouraged at school, and I was just fighting my own battles. I didn’t know the beauty in the Word of God and salvation. I HAD NEVER FELT THE TRUE LOVE THAT IS PRICELESS.
When I joined Pneuma Word, I was always in and out of relationships. People have different problems but mine was men (am not ashamed to talk about this). I believe there are other people who are struggling out there, but the Word of God is more than enough. That was my main issue, but God did amazing things in my life. I found favour in Pneuma Word. These beautiful souls ( the friends that I got) loved me and for some reason, to them I was a child and they always wanted to protect me. I learnt how to love the Word and give it an ear, and I desired to learn more. I got peace and joy that I can’t explain. My mum kept wondering about the change that I had received. I got a purpose of living . I matured to a level of having a dream in life. I believed for my family (mostly my brother’s carrier). The day he decided to go back to school, I blessed God and told myself that if God can change even the least, then surely I have arrived home and I am safe.
I was loved out of relationships, and my family became peaceful. I really saw a change in mum’s businesses. My work too grew and is still growing. My brother went back to school. I have learned and still learning the Word of God. I am a settled minister now and I believe I am going to do more in time to come

I remember one time I wanted to greet my father (Prophet Brian Kagyezi). So when I approached him he said I was lost and that I should keep in church. He repeated himself twice. This to me was so amazing and in my heart I felt home and my father was looking out for me. Then the prophecies he used to give to other people always excited me as I watched people’s lives being changed.

The Prophet always advised me and gave me the direction to take especially in my relationship life. I remember one time I got into a relationship and I had not told him. When he found out, he told me to run for my life. To my stubbornness, I instead decided to ask someone about this guy I was dating if he wasn’t a good one. Daddy (the Prophet) read the text from wherever he was,  and he sent me a text saying “now you are asking someone about that guy if he is a good guy! You should have seen my face. I wanted the chair to swallow me, but to me this was significant in my life.
Now I am settled and doing ministry. I’ve gotten good friends that I can’t trade. I am out of poor relationships (my biggest struggle). My work is progressing. And I am happy I literally test my future and I believe it’s brighter. I am excited.
The God of Pneuma is an amazing God. The God of Prophet Brian Kagyezi is real. Pneuma Word Ministries is the true prophetic ministry that carries God’s heart. I’ve watched my father align our lives and people’s lives. There are miracles happening in Pneuma which cannot be denied. I have watched God raising a generation. One that is not yet to give up. Our God is surely faithful.

Glory to God!!!!!!


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