LIC2017 God’s Masterpiece; POETRY

He took not dust,
He took not earthen material,
Created all,
Found all pleasing,
He thought it good,
He saw it perfect,
He took not earth, but strong rib,
Created a day of rest,


Sent all creation to sleep,
Even his own image to rest,
He took cage,
Formed an intricate creature,
Beautifully put together,


Likened to a tree,
Her face glorious as a canopy ,
Her hands tender yet mighty as branches,
Her breasts as ever attractive as newly blossomed ripe fruit,
The perfect piece.


Gentle yet mighty
Full of love and assertive
The true worship
The expressive lover,
The last born of God.


All purpose.

Countries are her thought,
Continents her meditation
The world her utterance,
Who is like her
God’s wondorous work
The father’s heart,
The maker’s masterpiece


By Liz . N. Kakembo

Dear family Ladies Interim conference will be going down this weekend Saturday to Sunday 29-30th July at Pneuma word Kyanja.
And here is the plan bless someone else by letting them know.

Ephesians 2; 10  For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.


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