The earth is void and without form
Darkness is over the face of the deep
God thinks to himself
How can this be?

God (Father, Son and Spirit) takes on the form of an Artist
In His mind,  the Father generates the picture He desires to see
With His Word (Son), He speaks out what is to be done
And by His power (Spirit), He actualises the imagerised spoken word

Day 1: He commands light into existence, separating day from night
Day 2: He speaks the heavens into existence
Day 3: He separates the land from the Seas
Day 4: He creates the lights – sun, moon and stars
Day5: He generates the fowl of the air and sea creatures

Day 6: He creates the inhabitants of the earth
He commands the earth to bring forth living creatures
In response to His Word, beasts and animals emerge
He sees His creation and is pleased
But something is missing

He thinks of one final piece
One that shall be the finest of them all,
This would be His Master piece
One that shall not just be spoken in to existence
One that shall engage His entire being

With this creation,  shall He relate
Interacting directly,  revealing His plans
To this creation,  shall all dominion reside
With all the other creation giving account
Operating exactly as the Master
God says,  let us make man in our image

God changes from Artist to Porter
With His very hands,
He carefully moulds man from the dust
With such precision,  passion and artistry
As though His life depended on it
In man’s nostrils,  He breathes the breath of life

God is pleased with His Master piece
He had reserved the best for last And creation seems complete
But Man looks incomplete and seemingly lonely
God has got one more move up His sleeve.
The potter knew exactly what He wanted
The purpose for which the piece was intended
With that in mind,
He set off to mold

Molding in love
Molding in passion
With every inch and every curve molded to perfection

He knew
That He had made His best and last piece of work
For through this the rest would be united

A piece so precious
A piece so beautiful
Made in His likeness

With a purpose so big for a world so decayed
The piece was brought forth
With one intention:
To show forth the excellence His excellence

That through this piece, they would believe
That through this piece, they would change
That through this piece, they would be saved

For the piece was the masterpiece
Made by the Potter, the Father
Made for a purpose
A purpose that stood prior to the piece’s existence.

A piece so precious
A piece so beautiful
Made in His likeness
Not just a piece but the master of them all, the Masterpiece!
Outstanding artistry
With a path of good works
Tailored out to walk in
The centre to display His glory

For His purpose have you been made
Taking on the design laid by your Master
Righteousness and holiness  your nature
As  evidence to them all

His beauty you posses
By His hands carefully moulded
His breath, circulates in you
And His Spirit one with you


We are only 7 days away from the power packed LADIES INTERIM CONFERENCE
29-30th July at Pneuma church Kyanja.

Purpose to be there!!


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