If we are to talk about masterpieces [assuming we really know what masterpieces are about], then somewhere along the conversation, someone is bound to say something about The Mona Lisa. I am no artist or lover of art and I can hardly tell a real painting from a mere kid’s doodling but I know The Mona Lisa is the greatest painting of all time. Even in the year 3000 [assuming the rapture won’t have happened by then], when paper will no longer be in use because everything will be in soft copy, the people then will still have to accept The Mona Lisa as the greatest painting of all time. I think. I asked my friend Google about The Mona Lisa and this is what I found out:

  1. The Mona Lisa is believed to have been painted between 1503 and 1506. Leonardo may have continued working on it till 1517.
  2. The Mona Lisa has been described as the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world. (click here)


Five centuries after it was painted, The Mona Lisa continues to be an invaluable work of art that has defied the bounds of time, remaining exactly what it is: A MASTERPIECE.

And isn’t it great to know that this is what we all were made to be: masterpieces. The Mona Lisa is a work of art that was painted by a man who died several centuries ago; a man who probably didn’t think he was doing anything special. But there’s an artist of all artists, the master painter, the greatest Potter there will ever be, the Master sculptor, the creator of heaven and earth, the maker of you and I. He is God, Almighty and our Father. He does His work deliberately, taking His time to fit in every detail beautifully and so uniquely so that there is only one of each piece He creates. Every piece He makes is awe-inspiring. Every piece that goes through His hands is magical. Every piece is a masterpiece. And believe it or not, you are one of those pieces that went through His hands. He molded and sculpted you wonderfully and lovingly, infusing your being with a whole lot of worth, so that even the most expensive of gold and rubies couldn’t be equaled to who you are.


God’s Poiema- Skillfully and artfully made. We find our worth in God.

The heartbreakingly sad part in all this is the fact that not many of us know who and what we are. We are clueless about the truth that we are masterpieces. We could sell ourselves for a fake piece of silver when even the purest of gold shouldn’t be able to afford us. I look at The Mona Lisa and I don’t see anything special; it sure is a good painting but I don’t make much sense out of it. My opinion however, doesn’t change the fact that The Mona Lisa is invaluable. We’ve given ourselves so much to man’s opinion that we’ve forgotten who we really are. We’ve forgotten that the one who made us is the best in the business. We’ve forgotten that there’s no ordinary in his work; only the extraordinary. We’ve forgotten that we are masterpieces, simply because some people couldn’t see how valuable we are. But no more. We are letting go of all excuses, shutting out all negativity and putting all our focus on being the extraordinary, phenomenal, remarkable and exceptional women that we were made to be. We are rising up and taking our places at the top: as change-makers, as pace-setters and as trailblazers. But most importantly, as GOD’S MASTERPIECES.


Prophetess Doreen Muhumuza- leader of ladies ministry at Pneuma Word Ministries

And the Ladies’ Interim Conference (LIC) 2017 is the best place to start. LIC is an annual ladies’ conference hosted by Pneuma Word Ministries with Prophetess Doreen Muhumuza as its vision bearer. This year, it is on from 29th to 30th July, 8am to 5pm at Pneuma Word Church, Kyanja. This is an invite to ladies, girls, women, daughters, mothers, sisters; females of every age, color, race and language: Come and be a part of this conference. And we guarantee, your life will be transformed in a completely new-self.


2 thoughts on “MASTERPIECE, 2017

  1. Cannot wait for this edition of LIC2017. We are rising up and taking our places at the top: as change-makers, as pace-setters and as trailblazers. But most importantly, as GOD’S MASTERPIECES.

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