From Darkness to Light

Rajab’s testimony describes how God molds and reminds us that God has a plan for our lives and a devine purpose.


A Chief Sorcerer Now an Usher at Pneuma Word Ministries.

No one comes into contact with God and stays the same. If he became sin that you may be his
righteousness, became a curse that you may be blessed, took on the form of a servant that you may reign in Kingship, lived poor that you may prosper, died that you may live, it means he can redeem you out of any situation.


AP. DAUDI KINTU Formerly known as “Rajab”, handing over Taqiya Cap to the Prophet.

It’s more than just a likely story in AP. DAUDI KINTU’S life. Formerly known as “Rajab”, a Muslim who
performed witchcraft & sorcery to earn a living. Chief of all the sorcerers in Kyanja at the time with nothing to his name except a desolate family. However, like our introduction states, one encounter with God changed the heart of this man and the course of his life.
Like Ap. Paul on his way to Damascus, the day DAUDI encountered God his life has not remained the same.
In a dream in a vision of the night, he beheld the figure of a man clothed in white with doves all over his shoulder and this man displayed his arms as though saying “come unto me”. At this point, Rajab as known then woke up and ran to his shrine to consult the spirits on the revelation of the dream to no avail. He then decided to go back to bed and behold, he envisioned another thing. This time around it was a hook- like anchor that seemed to be lowered towards where he was positioned and when he had held onto it, he was lifted by the anchor to a certain place he didn’t recognize at the time. Again, he ran back to the shrine. This continued for three days which we know to be the fullness of time until he was completely restless. He narrates that he couldn’t sleep for three days till the day he decided to take heed to the direction of the anchor and when he finally got to the place the anchor was pointing to, he recognized it as the place an usher once invited him to come into but he was hesitant being a Muslim at the time. This is the time when everything now began to make sense as he narrates that after rejecting the call, his legs were stiffened that he could hardly walk though at the time he didn’t realize it was the Lord’s doing.


The Prophet of God casting out evil spirits out of Rajab

The point he was led to was “PNEUMA WORD MINISTRIES” and when he realized it was a church, he feared to come in. He says that at the time he had fear that the evil spirits he had for so long worshipped and initiated others into would attack and kill him. However, when he went back home with soaring feet the experiences with the Lord began right where he had stopped till he made up his mind to go to the
church. He narrates that the minute he stepped into the Prophet’s office “evil spirits manifested instantly beckoning mercy from the man of God” but they were cast out. It was at this point that Mr. Rajab surrendered his tools of sorcery and was led to salvation.



This was an unbelievable scene to many of the people in the community. One evangelist in the area “MR PHILIP” testifies of how he had preached to them for years but they could not let go of their sorcery.
Whereas it’s not easy stepping into the master’s shoes but we must bear the truth that whoever receives salvation, receives a commission to bring others into the light [Mathew 28:19-20, 1 Peter 2:8-10] just like Ap. Paul was called. In the same spirit, Mr.Rajab now turned AP. DAUDI sought to pass on the good news to the people in his home area. This was no coincidence as the ministry had declared the theme for May
as “the month of evangelism”. Many could not believe that a former witch doctor could give up his life for the Christ. It’s overwhelming how many lives were turned around, people gave up on sorcery, lives got saved and the community that was once filled with Muslims has not ceased to change every single day.


Rajab’s Family testify of God’s goodness and salvation.

Many testified of how they feared the repercussions that would follow only to realize it was deceptive and thus the dubbing “KYANJA FOR CHRIST” which saw the outreach team of the ministry delve into every part of the area and this continues on a daily basis.
Ap. Daudi is currently an usher at the church overseen by our founding father PROPHET BRIAN KAGYEZI.


Rajab Ushering during the Second Sunday service

He’s a fervent minister whose appearance is a testimony of its own. At one point he said “banaye obwavu bukaddiya” which is to mean poverty can make you look old. At that time he said he hadn’t yet made 30 years but his looks then depicted him as a 40 year old person or even more. Gradually, he seems to be getting younger each day and surely one can’t fail to say it is God’s doing. He enrolled for the beginners’ class which will see him grow spiritually and minister the truth.

We give the glory to God.


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