Equiped For Ministry


Prophet Brian Kagyezi Praying for the Equip class 2017 graduates

One of the greatest challenges many employers all over the world face is having members on their teams who do not know their vision.

A vision attaches value to purpose because everyone involved then sees the bigger picture. It’s then that men derive missions to see to it that the vision is attained within a specified period of time depending on its magnitude.

In the same spirit, “PNEUMA WORD MINISTRIES” opened up its doors to EQUIP class. According to the English Oxford dictionary, the word “Equip” means to train or provide someone with the things that are required for a certain purpose. However to borrow a leaf from the French dialect, EQUIP means a team and thus the name L’equip for the French national soccer team.


Jovial equiped Pneuma ministers

This class brings about oneness thus making us a strong team and facilitates for any assignment as may be awarded by the leaders in church. Where as much emphasis is put on equipping the students with knowledge and information concerning the ministry, there’s much more that is covered within the curriculum that is expedient in every Christian’s life.

The Students are taught about God & his personality, Salvation & being born again, submission & its forms, ministry & service- where one is helped to discover their calling, covenants with a clear distinction of which one we operate in, and finally ordinances among which is baptism, marriage and Holy Communion. It’s quite unbelievable that all this can be covered in a space of just 10 classes which seat every Monday at the church premises and at no cost.


Prophet Brian Kagyezi commissioning the graduands

In the Prophet’s own words he said “what is taught in this class was not out of personal convictions but the challenges people have brought forth to them as they minister world over” implying there’s room for more suggestions on what can be incorporated in the curriculum. In addition, the knowledge that is passed on by the facilitators of the class is directly from our father PROPHET BRIAN KAGYEZI as mentioned by AP. TYSON MUHUMUZA, one of the teachers in season 2.
It’s no coincidence that the class is overseen by the “WORD TEAM” which is one of the departments within the ministry.


Pastor Belabela Moses Akita- Head of Word team, Pneuma Word Ministries

This department is particularly responsible for governing church doctrine to make sure that we do not deviate from the intentions of our Lord Jesus Christ. This makes the class even more appealing because there’s a surety that all that is taught is fundamental for our spiritual growth both as a ministry and individuals. The department is overseen by “PR. BELABELA MOSES AKITA” who also happens to be the personal assistant to the vision bearer of the ministry, “PROPHET BRIAN KAGYEZI”. The department is headed by a very inspirational man of God “AP. TYSON MUHUMUZA” who is deputized by one of the greatest spiritual mentors “MS. NAJJALWAMBI CAROL”.


From right to left: Apostle Tyson Muhumuza (Head Equip class) and MS. Najjalwambi Carol (Deputy Equip class)

The niche is a demonstration of one of the core values of the ministry [PNEUMA WORD] which is humility. This is because every minister within church from the greatest to the least is expected to take on this class. In the past we’ve seen even pastors humble themselves to be taught by those they watch over, this is a great deal of humility. Season 2 in particular saw the pastor in charge of media and communications, PR JOANITA NANSAMBA enroll and graduate with the rest of the participants.


Pastor Joanita Nansamba (Pastor in charge of Media & Communication) among Equip class 2017

At the end of the training, all successful participants are awarded with accredited certificates by the ministry. It is at this point that, the graduands are commissioned to now officially take on ministry duties as deemed fit by the Church leadership.


The 2017 Equip class graduates

A colorful graduation ceremony is held in honor of the successful candidates as was witnessed on the 17th of June 2017 for the season 2 graduands who were neatly dressed in their angelic apparel.


The Participants, teachers and the Prophet of God Brian Kagyezi  at the pinnacle of the celebration

Parents and friends were invited to grace the function and join in the celebrations. It’s such a memorable day and a wonderful experience that we would implore everyone to enroll for Season 3.


The Graduates came along with their Parents

Registration is currently ongoing,  for more info please contact MS. GLORIA on 0780-684765 or see the church administration.


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