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The Kyanja Supernatural Crusade that was!

The KYANJA SUPERNATURAL CRUSADE that took place on the 27th to 28th May at Pneuma Word Church, in Kyanja crowned a powerful month of evangelism.

When Prophet Brian Kagyezi declared May the month of Evangelism, it was evident it could not be an ordinary month. The saints were expectant, it was the time to share the hope of our salvation with the community. And as has always been the word of the prophet never falls to the ground.
This evangelism saw many lives impacted, diseases healed, families restored, and multitudes give their lives to Christ. Rajab who is now a brother in Christ and his entire house hold gave there lives to Christ and forsook witchcraft. Pains and swellings disappeared during our weekly Friday services that crowned the weekly evangelism. God in all his faithfulness did wonderful things in the communities that were reached out to. The mandate for evangelism was simple “Freely we received and freely we gave.”


Various Ministry Departments evangelised Kyanja Community

The Kyanja Supernatural Crusade was also organised with this mind – To impact Kyanja and surrounding communities and also create a bond of love with the people being ministered to.
The two day crusade saw God literally move amongst us,many received the word of prophecy which opened them to the wonderful purpose of God for their lives and above all His word was true to convict many to receive salvation for their souls.

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Day one of the Crusade bringing souls to Salvation.

The prophet promised prophetic gymnastics, more like a replica of the powerful prophetic BBQ we had earlier this year. But this was different in every sense and has always been God restored hope gave comfort and revived dreams. If you are in a similar situation receive it for yourself, receive it for your family simply receive…

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Stunning Prophecy By Prophet Brian Kagyezi

At Pneuma Word Ministries we believe in your testimony because therein is our joy. These are some of the testimonies from the crusade and of the amazing things God did during the month of evangelism.

Shadia’s Testimony

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A preacher found me, when I was on my way to be initiated in the illuminati, and preached to me. I have been saved but life has been hard to the point of wanting to join satanism.

As this preacher (Joel; preached to Shadia during the month of evangelism) talked to me I changed my mind, so I stayed. My friends called me again but my heart refused. So yesterday (25th-05-2017) around 7pm some people passed the restaurant where I work inviting people for crusade, as my friends ridiculed I broke down into tears, I was crying I have left my God, I nolonger fast, I nolonger pray.

In my dreams I dream darkness these days, black smoke all over, I used to dream light and praising God. I have been staying with a man I don’t know who has used me for a month. Am tired I need God.

I give the glory to God who used this man (Joel) to get me back on course.

Paul’s Testimony

pneuma word-5116.jpg

From the left is a jubilant Paul testifying.

I was diagnosed with Broncho-Pneumonia in March. The signs were from last year but I only got to know when I was tested last year. My lungs were infected and I could not do heavy work.
As the man of God (Prophet Brian Kagyezi) prayed, I felt the healing flow in my body. Coughing has stopped and am feeling better now.
I give the glory to God.

Aine’s Testimony


Mr.Aine at the fore front.

I thank God for yesterday (27th May 2017) which was the first day of the crusade because whilst in prayer, the man of God (Prophet Brian Kagyezi) told us to lift our phones into the air and prophesied that we would receive important calls from then on. I did it and I want to testify that I finally got a job through the “miracle call”. They used to say born agains are mad and I would laugh but when he said it I found myself doing it and I got a job with a government organization.
Thank you Man of God

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The Chariot of Uganda- Prophet Brian Kagyezi

As we concluded Day two of the crusade, the Chariot of Uganda -Prophet Brian Kagyezi emphasized that “we are going far”,how far is up to you to decide. We stand by this prophetic word to believe that even us you thrive through June- the month of restoration, you will forget the things of old and focus on how far God is taking you.
You are dearly loved.



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