Pastor Alpha Praise- A Rising Worship Sensation

WHO IS Pastor Alpha?
Pastor Alpha praise Nanyombi is a woman of powerful testimony. She was born on 22nd November 1992 to Mr. Sunday Nyombi and Pastor Moureen Nabakooza and grew up in parts of Wakiso District, Uganda.
She is a versatile woman that God has used to express his glory in the lives of many. Currently she works as a computer scientist at L&S Electric Engineering Consultancy after doing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Makerere university and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer science at Uganda Technology And Management University (UTAMU)
She serves as a worship pastor at Pneuma Word Ministries under
Prophet Brian Kagyezi mentoring the next generation to revere the presence of God.


THE STORY of the song (where it all started)

In 2015 ,Pastor Alpha went through a modern day trial that could break anyone but she testifies of how God strengthened her amidst all.
She got home from church that day and found her mother
sick- she couldn’t remember the last time her mother had been so.
Being the happy woman she is, she kept smiling and laughing with everyone even in the circumstance of her mother’s sickness. Her mother was later diagnosed with leukemia(blood cancer). She tells the story that when she got home that day sadness filled the aura in the house, her sisters were crying, everyone was scared oblivious of what to do.
This was not easy but somehow she knew God had to come  through. she never cried with her sisters but instead went to her room and slept.
She says, “I slept with this mind that surely God can do something”. She spent the whole night listening to worship music on her laptop.
Suddenly“I woke up in the night and I heard the words. I heard a chorus and… yes; I typed the words and then
covered the laptop” she adds.
The chorus kept playing in her head even when she woke up

“Look He is moving, Healing His people, Filling each heart, once more”.

It played in my head the whole day and in the evening as I sat about, the verse also popped in my Spirit “
At first it appeared like it was just a song, a beautiful song laid upon her heart but that was before the cancer fled from her mother’s blood.


THE Testimony

Her mother was healed of something doctors had confirmed incurable. The joy in their home was restored. What she thought would break her became the very thing God used to bless them and bless generations.
He is moving is not a song, it is a testimony of the goodness of God and the faithfulness of his mercy.
She is forever grateful for the ministry of Prophet Brian Kagyezi who has mentored her and prepared her for the life a head of her .

The Song- “He Is Moving” has become a revival and Spirit anthem awakening hearts to a great outpouring of the Spirit.

Where you can find the song


Subscribe to Pastor Alpha Praise music on Reverbnation
Just follow this link Pastor Alpha Praise Music -ReverbNation

Also subscribe to her YouTube channel by following this link Pastor Alpha Praise YouTube channel

The video to this song will be premiering on 31st March 2017 at the 3rd anniversary
of Pneuma Word Ministries at Kampala Parent’s School, Naguru.
Pneuma Word Ministries will be celebrating three years of God’s faithfulness and Pastor Alpha’s testimony is a part of our story, your testimony is a part of our story.
God bless you.


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