Grace Embassy Transformed by The Anointing


Welcome to our town- The Prophet’s reception

In such a time as of 5th February 2017, it came to pass that the desire of God to speak to His people was fulfilled when the Grace Embassy Church located in Bweyogerere, Kampala hosted the Chariot of Uganda, Prophet Brian Kagyezi on a prophetic Sunday to decree and declare of the things God had sent him to fulfill in such a time.


Prophet Brian Kagyezi

When the prophet set to the pulpit to minister, he vehemently stated, “I am here to decree and declare that this ministry is going to go far. We want to be different Christians; we don’t want to be like other people who talk about God but don’t know what He is. We want to have something on us.”
After which he started unfolding the will of God for the church of this time, and he explicitly said, “There’s somewhere we are taking the church; we want to see the church go somewhere.”

He spoke with much power and encouraged the Christians that had attended the service that God is going to show Himself through the many things that He is going to do – only if men believe.

He said, “God is going to do things that perhaps you have not seen Him do.” He spoke this as he gave an example referring from the Bible; from the very words of Jesus.
“Jesus said that all things are possible to them that believe.”
In everyone’s Christian life, there reaches a point where you need God as if you had never seen Him-to the point where your heart even faints because there’s something you need: God.

In such a time, as God wanted to restore the joy of His ministers, He thus spoke through His prophet. “I am hearing hearts of people here that are fainted. They are at a place of serving God, but in their hearts, they are fainted”, said Prophet Brian.


The prophet of God restored joy and hope in people, and spoke strength to every heart to be built and established in the things of God.

“Everyone who has an inability to do something, I speak strength to you right now. I want to pray for everyone here for God to give you ability and favor to do his will without fainting. I feel God is doing something special. The impossibilities are becoming possible now” said the prophet.
As he prayed for everyone, he asked the congregants to only put their focus on God and wait on Him to see the mighty things He would do.
“Lord in the name of Jesus, restore the joy of salvation: let power, joy and faith arise. Let the weak say I am strong, let the poor say I am rich, let the sick say I am healed for that’s what you have done. I am praying for strength for everyone; strength with joy in the work of God. There are many situations represented here, but God is willing. There’s power here to cause you to walk out of any situation-whichever it is. Put your focus on God and see what God is able to do. Father, I pray that you build every person to be able to serve you with joy, and with power. We bless you, in Jesus’ name. Amen”, Prayed The Prophet of God.


Apostle Micheal Koloto of Grace Embassy Church (Center)

It was an awesome time where God (through His prophet) mended the hearts of people and brought joy on their inside, building them to do the work of God with joy. Everyone who is out there; there is a need for you to know that God did not call you to serve Him in vain. He knows
why He called you and He will surely bring it to pass. As the prophet said, focus on God, and you will see His hand moving in your every situation.
Glory to God.


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