Pneuma Word Ministry’s New Home


    Pneuma Word Ministries Office Blocks

Pneuma Word Ministries is a prophetic ministry founded by one of  Uganda’s Generals, Prophet Brian Kagyezi-The Chariot of Uganda.

Prophet Brian Kagyezi as described by Eddie Sempala in his book Uganda God’s Generals .Pg 103,  “…he is leading one of the fastest growing youth ministries in the city at a young age…”


Prophet Brian Kagyezi- Vision bearer at the helm of Pneuma Word Ministries

The ministry has had glorious transitions witnessed by  multiplication of numbers that has not permitted it to stay in one place, as seen afore.
It started out in humble beginnings in October 2013 coupled by the launch of the book ‘Making room for the Holy Spirit’ by The Prophet.
It continued as a home church with less than 20 members meeting in people’s rooms and houses for to share of the Word of God which being authentic kept drawing many to keep joining until the rooms became evidently insufficient for the numbers and a new place had to be sought.
Home church was not long lived.
It wasn’t long before a team from church set out to look for another church venue which turned out to be at Seascallop Restaurant (Along Kiira-Mulago Road); which could accommodate at most 30 people.
On the 12th day of January in the year 2014, the church had its first meeting at the new place, and at least 23 people attended.
Other prayer meetings,overnights and services like the Word Expoze service always happened at the gardens behind Bativa Hotel (900 metres off Bombo Road); which were named Rhema gardens because of the name of the ministry then (Rhema Word Ministries). However Sunday service was always at the Seascallop restaurant. And like before, the hand of God and the authenticity of the Word that was shared caused exponential growth in numbers until the place could not contain them.
The cycle of multiplication continued and a 200 seater place was found. On 11th January 2015 the church meetings were shifted to Grand Global Hotel in Makerere Kikoni where we were previously located as a church.


Sunday Service at Grand Global Hotel in Kikoni

One thing was always evident and still is;that even in those early days when numbers seemed to be few; the Word of God was always shared in its fullness and by the power of this Word, many were drawn to taste of its authenticity.
The ministry later found need to touch another part  of the city; and the Pneuma Fellowship was launched on 26th, June 2015 at Nob View Hotel Ntinda and this was held every Friday from 5:30-8pm.


Then, Pneuma Fellowship at Nobview Hotel, Ntinda.

From this fellowship many people testified of the power of God that was manifest in the gathering. Numbers increased so much that people began sitting in the verandas and stairs of the hotel to listen and to receive of what was being ministered; until one day in July 2016 when the hotel could not contain it that they had to terminate the tenancy of church.
The next day, another ‘Bigger and Better’ place was got and that was at Kampala Parents School in Naguru where the fellowship shifted from a 250 sitter to a 5000 sitter place.


Pneuma Fellowship at Kampala Parents School, Naguru.

We have seen an increase and multiplication from God as He has always proved to be with us all through this.
And as the pattern has been, this 3rd home (Grand Global Hotel) also became so uncomfortable for us (as prophesied by Apostle Patrick Buwemba of Exousia Word Ministries in the Word Convention International Conference, 2016)
As January kicked off, the campaign was started to purchase land, a home from which we could worship without any limitations.


Our new acquired Ministry home in Kyanja

As confirmed by the Apostle of God, Alex Ssenyondo during the Prophetic Impartation Conference on 24th January 2017; that Pneuma Word Ministries would acquire its land, the arm of God has been with us to deliver and bring us to our long awaited home which is located in Kyanja off gayaza next to Kyanja View Primary School.
And this is where all church activities shall be held but the Friday Pneuma Fellowship will still be going on at Kampala Parents School Naguru from 5:30-8pm still. It’s temporarily on hold and will be re opened with a Grand move of the Holy Spirit as promised by the Prophet on 31st March as the Ministry celebrates 3 years


The Grand Move of the HolySpirit as we celebrate 3years in Ministry

Directions to our new home:
A drive from Kampala using the gayaza road you stop at the 7 miles stage also known as kumusanvu and get a boda to kyanja view Nursery and Primary school you will see the magnificent land.
A drive from Kampala using the Ntinda Kisasi road you stop in kyanja trading centre and get a Boda boda to kyanja view nursery and primary school you will see the magnificent land
Come join us as we worship God in our home.
Year of fervency.


3 thoughts on “Pneuma Word Ministry’s New Home

  1. Am overwhelmed at the hand of God upon Pneuma Word Ministries. In a span of 2 years, God is taking us higher. Am sure He is going to move so mightily this March. Can’t wait.


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