Prophecy Delivers A Baby From Death.


[2Peter 1:19] We have also a more sure word of prophecy;
whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light
that shineth in a dark place]

Prophet Brian Kagyezi was invited in Jinja to share the secrets in the Word of God in the Word Explosion Camp. The Prophet spoke a sure word of prophecy which redefined lives of many as many families were sorted, and individuals’ lives aligned in the divine will of God.


Men drunk of the Spirit

Releasing what no human mind could understand.

Prophet Brian Kagyezi while explaining the great outpouring that was yet to be manifested, the Spirit of God revealed to him details of a certain young man. This young man was taking pictures (Camera man) in the Word explosion Camp.

“When I look at this young
man, I am taken from my place Kyanja and I take a bypass. I reach a place like Bukoto. I take the left on Lugogo bypass. Then I take Jinja road, then I slope down and end up in a place like Luwumu Street. And there, I see a shop. I see E&C collection. I see a name like Grace.”

The prophet narrated the route from where he stays till the office of the young man’s sister- Grace.

“It’s your sister ” Prophet Brian told the young man.

The young man confirmed that Grace is his elder sister.

He continued to unleash more details about the young man.

“I heard December 18th” and he repeated again, “I heard December 18th”

As the Spirit of God kept revealing more, the Prophet  continued, “And then I heard another name: Gloria; I heard like April 1st. I heard like Lonah, and then I heard like April 13th”

The Prophet spoke all the names of the young man’s  siblings and their birthdays.

As something was being released, he then saw in the spirit another young man’s brother called Rodgers “I saw a name like Rodgers; I saw Rodgers.”

“Young man, if you can believe the
Word of God, a nation will be birthed. When you get a sure word of Prophecy, take heed and believe”
“Young Man”, Prophet Brian called him  “Do you know why I called you out?” And he continued to articulate that most people in his family were into a lot of dressing and fashion. The young man stunningly replied “Yes”


The Young Man is into fashion. His name is Martin

He emphasized that one of the family members needs help saying,  “But again, there is one guy that we need to help and
that man is called Rodgers”.
He added, “His life isn’t shifting a lot. I see him coming from Kireka and going to Kyambogo”

Rodgers is a brother to the Young man. He studies in Kyambogo.

The prophet continued “Though Rodgers didn’t show up; by the words spoken, his life is sorted.We are birthing nations with a sure word of prophecy.

The Chariot asked the young man, “Do you know Gloriah?”

“I know Gloriah”, The young man responded.

The Prophet continued to speak about Gloriah, “This Gloriah woman; I see a young baby. Let me tell you something you don’t know: This child would have passed away in December (December 2017)”, and he continued to say, “If we are speaking about Gloriah, we are saving a life”


Gloriah’s Baby who is delivered by the word of Prophecy

Gloriah is the young man’s big sister and was going to lose the child in December 2017. By the sure word of the Prophet the Baby will live.

He then spoke a word of blessing on the family of the young man, “This is what the Lord told me, that something is going to happen to this family because of you young man”.

He said that the family was to be blessed and changed because of the young man.

“This is what God says: because of
you, I am going to bless this family. They are going to grow in understanding because of you”, said Prophet Brian.

As everyone was giving glory to Jesus, speaking in tongues, and lifting up their hands, Prophet Brian promised everyone that the lives of many people would be changed by the time they left.


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