The Art of Winning

The first Pneuma Fellowship of the Year of Fervency- January 6th 2017 illuminated  the lives of congregants and drew them to  their place of winning.

In his message, The art of winning, Prophet Brian Kagyezi reminded Christians of what they were born to do -to win

According to him, “There’s a certain mindset you should have when you want to win. Even if you think you can fail, it’s important to have a mindset of winning because that’s how God has dealt with us.” 

 He further told the congregation using Proverbs 14:12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. ‘The way’ here means a kind of life, conversation, mindset, or thought. “Not everything that sounds right to you is the will of God for your life.” He Emphasised
Continuing,  the Prophet of God assured Christians that there’s no Christian who is a failure.  For they already won death and conquered life the day they were saved.

“The children of God were not fashioned for death because hell is not a place of love, but for hate. There’s no human who was created to hate. That’s why you love to be around people who build you because by nature, you were created to love. You always reject anything that tries to make a fool out of you. Love is for the winners and not for the failures. People really are not excited about people that fail, but those that win.”

The Prophet of God continued giving insights on the art of winning “You must know where you came from. We came from God, and He does not fail. When you start to think that you can fail, you have become a vagabond that is one without identity because God created you to win.”

Citing from his experiences with the life of God, Prophet Brian Kagyezi emphasised that every person who is a hell material begins to think that they are nobodies. “You cannot be a nobody because Christ died for you” He adds

He cites Luke 14:25-34… Specifically Luke 14:27 And whosoever doth not bear his ‘cross’ and come after me, cannot be my disciple. ‘Cross’ here, is a very interesting Greek word, ‘Stauros’. Cross does not mean the burdens or problems because for the burdens, Jesus says that you should cast them on Him for He cares more than you. The word ‘Stauros’ means a high or upright state of mind.

From scripture, the Man of God observed that Christ will never work with people who think of themselves as low. He gave an example that “when we are seated here, we don’t rejoice because we are at Kampala Parents School. A time is coming when Namboole will be so small. When I look around, I am seeing men that are going to change this nation.”

Christians were heartened to start being sensitive to the presence of God lest they prepare themselves to fail. Also further commended them not to worry about what is coming rather should worry about their bright future.

Prophet Brian Kagyezi urged believers present to first consider the costs before building. “When you come in God, you must know where you are going. When you sleep, you are sure of waking up; in the same manner, when you go to pray, you must know that He is a God who answers by fire and power . That’s why the one who started the good work in you is still doing it to the day of Jesus Christ (Phil 1:6) because the day of Christ is not yet come.”

From the teaching by the man of God we drew out certain lessons:

When you understand that you are of little strength, begin to know that someone who brought you here is responsible for your life.

> When you have a mindset of winning there are certain things that you do, that if someone dare does them, they have signed a ticket to their fail

We don’t come here on earth to survive, we came to flourish.

> The people who love crying about their situation are the same that have lost honor for God.

> A person who has a vision is richer than the one with cash because cash can go. Proverbs 20:5 Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out.

> No person has ever succeeded in anything, that has not first of all had hope.

The Man of God concluded with Proverbs 20:27 The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly. 

He evoked Christians with a powerful insight “The spirit, or heart, or the inside of a man from which the mouth speaks is a light of the Lord. This means that all the riches you need are already inside you, and it takes understanding to draw them out.”


1. Anointing to preach the gospel

“Am seeing some gentlemen here, God is going to walk with you mightily”, says the prophet. “Jimmy”, calling out Jimmy Carlos and other four gentlemen, “Come up here”. “I see an anointing upon you to preach the gospel. God is going to use you to preach His Word, He is giving you that grace”.

“You”, saying to another gentleman, “I see God wants to use you. Salvation wasn’t really your thing but God is taking you from that place. “Is it true?” asks the prophet. “Yes”, the gentleman confirming. “God is going to use you”.

2.Released From being Stuck in life

“There are two ladies here; one of them is called Kizza. She has a child, and this child is a girl. These ladies are stuck in life. God is releasing you in Jesus’ name”, said the prophet.

“One of the ladies I called out”, says the prophet, “has two brothers. One is called Baguma, and then another one Micheal. She is in the same situation as Kizza. She has a child who is a girl. God wants to release you”.


9 thoughts on “The Art of Winning

  1. Life changing Fellowship, i couldn’t have been submitted to a better Ministry and Man of God.He speaks and it comes to pass


  2. “No person has ever succeeded in anything without first of all having hope” …. Its surely God that shall complete the work in me… Thank you Pneuma Word ministries


  3. a prophet of God in Uganda with an outstanding character,undeniable heavy presence of God,authentic prophecies and sound wisdom,knowledge and understanding in the Word…I thank God for sending us a man to always refresh us.

    Liked by 1 person

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