Prophet Brian Kagyezi sets deliverance for Uganda cranes 

Uganda having spent 38years without her team going for African Cup of Nations (AFCON) saw many of her people desperately longing for such a time.

By his words, Prophet Brian ministered deliverance to Uganda from the 38 years of captivity.

On 3rd September 2016 at 11 p.m. as he ministered on Spirit FM, he hit a mark in the spirit that removed a veil from the eyes of Uganda. It was such a long flipping of the Nation into the realm of greatness, celebration, happiness, and deliverance.

Just as the man that had spent 38 years with such an infirmity (John 5), Uganda was crying out for such a man with such a voice to speak forth a ‘being made whole’.
With such unction, he said,

“There’s a point where you will fight to see in the spirit, but when you grow in God, you will get to a point where you will never speak a false thing. Tonight I did something so prophetic [putting on a Uganda Cranes jersey]. What I am trying to say is; because I am in fullness of time, I sit in a place where I can be right now and I begin to narrate to you. Right now I can change gears and I begin to commentate the match tomorrow.”

Prophet Brian Kagyezi on radio 

During the Sunday service on 4th September 2016 at Grand Global Hotel, Prophet Brian continued to speak forth the historic event that awaited Uganda Cranes Team that day;

“What did they say? They said 38 years; They are too slow. I see a deliverance that is going to hit Uganda. Don’t even pray about it, you just watch. Around the 19th minute, I see a long ball; I said long; long ball. And as you see that, it shall be your flight into the prophetic. It’s going to be the sign of what am speaking about. When you see it like this, go to your house and say I am great. While people are celebrating, enter your house and begin to celebrate God”

In the 38th minute of the game, Uganda cranes scored the only goal that took them to the African cup of nations after 38 years of wilderness. It was a moment of celebration in the nation. The 38 minute (19 by two) goal and the 19-minute-long ball set a stone of remembrance in the history of Uganda.
By the deliverance word spoken by Prophet Brian Kagyezi, Uganda Cranes has been named 2016 CAF GLO National team of the year in a colorful awards gala held on Friday 6th in Abuja Nigeria and the team is among the 20 countries still in contention for a spot in Russia 2018 World Cup; and one of the Uganda Cranes players, Denis Onyango was named the best player in Africa on 5th Jan 2017 by the confederation of African football in Abuja, Nigeria.
God has brought deliverance to us. Let us rejoice and celebrate.

Glory to God.


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