The Pneuma Night (2017 The year of fervency )

On the 31st of December 2016,the anticipation of scores of people was satisfied as the Pneuma Night ushered them into a powerful Year(2017) of Fervency.
The Pneuma Night was a night of miracles, signs and wonders organized by Pneuma Word Ministries on the 31st of December 2016 to usher Uganda into 2017-The year of fervency.


Ahead of this powerful night, the Pneuma Word Evangelism team invaded the streets of Kampala to preach the gospel as they invited saints for this life transforming night.


Great words of prophecy also went ahead of the Pneuma Night as God revealed the glorious things he was yet to unfold in the lives of many.

We are going to enter 2017 in a mastery way. Somehow your going to escape that poverty, your going to escape that sickness, your going to just escape anything because there is going to be distribution of the Spirit.
Prophet Brian Kagyezi.

As it has always been the word of the prophet does not fall to the ground.
The Pneuma Night saw the sick healed, pains disappear,families mended, lives transformed and above all souls won to Christ.


The hand of God was evident to heal, restore,comfort,direct his children also as he revealed stunning prophetic revelations through The Chariot of Uganda Prophet Brian Kagyezi.


7 stunning Prophetic Revelations to the world concerning 2017

1.Uganda,we need to pray
There are going to be very many changes in Uganda and because of this many will come in to disrupt the peace.
The changes will be abrupt, very big and unbelievable.
I was seeing a woman rising so fast in this nation. Again I repeat we need to pray.

2. The Nation- Mauritius
A lot is happening there but God has given us the grace to pray for them

3.Uganda, Great move of God
A great move of God will happen, people are going to turn to God like never before and some of these things are going to be astonishing.

4. Families Re-uniting
This is the year where people are going to be mended and brought back.
Divorce rates will reduce to a point that it will make news because people will be refreshed.
The institution of family will be established especially marriage.

Am hesitant to say some things but pray for ministers of God especially in Nigeria. I will leave it at that…

6. Economies rising
There is going to be a rise in economies of countries that have been drowned, Uganda inclusive.
When you see this happening in Trinidad and Tobago, you will see Uganda’s economy rising.

7. Zimbabwe
I spoke about this… Again I say pray for Zimbabwe because as for now time is up

-The Chariot of Uganda –
Prophet Brian Kagyezi


“Your revelation of God is going to determine how far you will go this year

Prophetess Muhumuza Doreen


The saints walked out of Pneuma Night restored, refreshed, energised and ready to dance all through 2017 as the victors God has called them to be.


Perfected- Pneuma Word Choir Shoki dance into 2017


The Prophet and Prophetess join the groove.

Undoubtedly we will take a very long time to recover from such a night filled with heavenly worship,experiences of the tangible presence of God, the prophetic, the word of God and above all transformation of lives.
God surely showed himself faithful.
Thank you for coming we know you were deeply blessed.
God bless you


12 thoughts on “The Pneuma Night (2017 The year of fervency )

  1. This is the great year. I choose to walk in fervency. Thank you my Papa, Prophet Brian Kagyezi for the great ministrations you have imparted on my life. I am forever grateful.


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